Why Realperson® Chat Suite?

Our live chat software, the flexible Realperson® Chat Suite, is easy to integrate into your website. All you need is a JavaScript code fragment. So rather than waiting for your next site relaunch and wasting valuable time, why not get started? Keep reading for more reasons to choose the optimise-it live chat solution:


To ensure that Realperson Chat Suite® fits seamlessly into your infrastructure, we can adapt the chat window design to exactly match your corporate design specifications and tailor the connection to your specific back-end requirements.

Live chat targeting

Flexible control over live chat in the page areas that are relevant to you, using predefined business rules, means that when needed you can specifically reach the customers you want to reach. And only those you want to reach.

Effective training

So that your staff can use Realperson Chat Suite® efficiently from day one, we offer intensive training sessions delivered by our experienced employees. This allows you to easily integrate live chat into your own familiar support workflow.

German privacy standards

optimise-it meets the highest privacy requirements and caters to customers’ individual security regulations. Realperson Chat Suite® is compliant with all legislation such as the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, BDSG) and Telemedia Act (Telemediengesetz, TMG).

In-house chat lab

Our in-house chat lab with experienced chat agents ensures productive communication. Enjoy the benefits of our extensive experience, especially in the initial phase of your live chat project.

'Live Chat international'

If you do ever have any queries, you can depend on our multi-language support. Realperson® Chat Suite is hosted in German data centres, but can also be hosted on your own servers if preferred.

Implementation with no loss of performance

Asynchronous integration via a 15-line JavaScript code ensures that Realperson® Chat Suite can implemented without impairing the performance of your website..

About optimise-it GmbH

optimise-it GmbH has spent more than 15 years developing highly dynamic enterprise-level chat and messaging platforms and released the first professional WhatsApp solution on the European market. The innovative WhatsApp service allows companies to implement efficient customer communication as part of their contact centre processes. The Hamburg firm’s chat services are used by leading industry giants such as AIDA, Eurowings, BASF, S.Oliver, VERIVOX and Holidaycheck.

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