Optimise customer service

Enhancing the customer journey through live chat

No media discontinuity on the customer journey

Live chat allows low-threshold, direct and frustration-free contact in real time, without media discontinuity

Fast request handlings

Chat has a significantly higher first shot solution rate (FSSR); on average 45% higher than channels such as email, due to direct customer feedback

Targeted conversation

Smart control of chat invitations through business rules

Customer dialogue as the key to a successful customer journey

Live chat not only increases conversion rates and customer satisfaction. At the same time, companies can actively support and document the customer journey with low-threshold communication.

This allows them to respond directly to customer feedback and discover potential for improvement.

There is also no frustration due to long hotline waiting times as chat is only offered when agents are logged into the system and capacity is available – a plus for customers and agents!

Knowledge management systems integration

Optional integration of knowledge management systems to provide customers with better quality advice.

CRM Integration

Customer data is available to the agent while chatting, and afterwards the chat can be transferred to the CRM system to document the customer’s issue, their customer history and customer journey.

Reduced frustration over long waiting times

Efficient use of live chat means that customers don’t have to put up with long queues. A chat invitation is only displayed if there is an agent currently available. No more lost requests or customers who are frustrated over a late or non-existent reply.

More Use Cases:

Increase your conversion rate

Boosting sales revenue through live chat

Increase efficiency

More efficient customer service through live chat

Improve customer satisfaction

In dialogue with satisfied customers