Increase efficiency

More efficient customer service through live chat with effective staffing and a lower cost per customer contact

Reduced costs

Well-trained chat agents can conduct more than one chat at a time, reducing the cost per customer contact

More resources for complicated requests

Intelligent control of chat invitations and mapping of 2nd level processes lead to higher efficiency

Reporting & Analysis

The reporting feature allows detailed analysis of efficiency and reveals potential for optimisation

Cost per customer contact reduced by up to 40%

Using live chat increases the efficiency of your contact centre, as issues can be handled much more quickly than for example in long email conversations with customers.

First shot solution rate increased by 45%

The FSSR for live chat is up to 45% higher than with email requests.

Small, redundant requests can be resolved quickly and easily in this way.

Resolving a customer issue directly in chat avoids tiresome emailing back and forth, with redundant requests being swiftly and straightforwardly dealt with on the spot.

Multiple simultaneous chats by one agent

Unlike telephone customer service, with Realperson® Chat Suite one agent can conduct multiple chats at the same time. This reduces the cost per customer contact.

Efficiency tools

Realperson® Chat Suite includes various tools and features to help handle chats efficiently, such as boilerplate replies, 2nd level integration, and much more.

More Use Cases:

Increase your conversion rate

Boosting sales revenue through live chat

Optimise customer service

Enhancing the customer journey

Improve customer satisfaction

In dialogue with satisfied customers