Increase customer satisfaction

Measure and Improve Customer Satisfaction
In dialogue with satisfied customers, measuring customer satisfaction through customisable post-chat surveys


Thedirect contact method avoids media discontinuity and frustration with telephonequeues; chat is only offered when agents are logged into the system

User Experience

Unique user experience thanks to innovative and responsive communication technology

Recognize problems

Chat analysis makes it possible to quickly uncover weaknesses in the user experience and identify potential for optimisation

85% of customers rate Live Chat positively

While customers are often frustrated with hotlines or feel like they are waiting forever for the next service email, live chat is much more well-received and highly rated as a communication channel.

Fast responses

Thanks to integrated routing, processes can be mapped and requests can be assigned based on employee skills and/or availability.

Direct feedback

Following a chat with Realperson® Chat Suite, the customer can be asked directly how satisfied they are with the advice they were given, and other parameters, allowing you to gauge customer satisfaction in real time!

Reporting & Analysis

With our comprehensive reporting feature, you can quickly identify and eliminate the causes of dissatisfaction.

More Use-Cases:

Increase conversion rate

Boostingsales revenue through live chat

Optimise customer service

Enhancing the customer journey

Increase efficiency

More efficient customer service through live chat