Increase Conversion Rate

Increasing sales with live chat

Customer guidance

Media-break-free management of the customer through the online shop

5% more conversion

Realperson® Live Chat Increases Online Conversion Rate on average by 5%

Targeted customer approach

Use smart business rules and triggers to identify hot leads and invite them to chat

Turn visitors into customers

The best shop does not help a business if it does not turn visitors into customers. With the Realperson® Chat Suite, the user is assisted by a competent consultant who guides him actively through the webshop and supports him with questions or problems in the ordering process.

The evaluation of the sales chats in realperson® reporting helps to further optimise the webshop, targeting and conversation, thus sustainably increasing sales and ROI.

Reduction of the cancellation rate

By using live chat in the order process, the user is offered a real-time service channel, which can be reached at low threshold and without additional media discontinuity. Users who have chatted with a consultant, have a more than 80% lower dropout rate than users who had no chat contact!

Increase of the shopping cart value

The Realperson® Chat by optimise-it promotes competent advice in real time. The customer advisor has the opportunity to navigate the user via live chat to alternative or additional products and thus to use up- and cross-selling potential. Users who have chatted with a customer advisor have an 18% higher shopping cart value than users without chat contact.

Reduction of returns

Through the competent advice in the chat questions about the product can be clarified in time. The customer does not have to order different sizes or models and the return rate drops.

More Use Cases:

Optimise customer service

Optimisation of the customer journey

Increase efficiency

More efficient customer service through live chat

Improve customer satisfaction

In dialogue with satisfied customers