Use Cases

Using live chat successfully to achieve different KPIs

Live chat with Realperson® Chat Suite is the answer to what today’s customers demand from digital communication: straight forward, with no barriers, and in real time. Uselive chat as an efficient response and service channel. Increase yourcustomers’ satisfaction or support the shopping experience and boost salesrevenue in your online shop. Various KPIs are improved at the same time.

Increase your conversion rate

With the Realperson® Chat Suite, an agent is on hand to advise the customer and actively guide them through the online shop. The customer is assisted with questions or problems in the order process – a plus for the shopping experience while simultaneously increasing sales revenue.

Optimise customer service

A personal conversation lets you find out first-hand what your customers need. With live chat you can identify your customers’ problems, document them, and tailor what you offer.

Increase efficiency

optimise-it’s Realperson® Chat Suite is designed so that multiple chats can be conducted at once. This reduces the spending incurred for a single customer contact, optimising costs and efficiency in the contact centre.

Improve customer satisfaction

Live chatis digital customer communication in real time, with no waiting for questions, answers or advice.

More than 80% of users advised through Realperson® Chat Suite give the service a positive rating.

The right use of live chat normally improves all KPIs. But most chat projects do have a clear focus. Which KPI is most relevant to you? Please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment so that we can discuss your use case together!

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