Live-Chat Software aus Deutschland. Die Realperson Chat Suite.

Live chat software from optimise-it: Realperson® Chat Suite.

Realperson® Chat Suite is the German market’s comprehensive and technically flexible enterprise solution for live chat. It reduces company costs, offers numerous modular extensions and provides companies with a variety of marketing insights about consumers and markets.
The chat software developed by optimise-it cuts the costs that companies incur per customer by decreasing average handling time and increasing the first shot solution rate. Realperson® enterprise chat is also easy to integrate into existing communication structures and can be extended in various ways with modules for WhatsApp, video chat, co-browsing and more. In addition to the traditional license model, Realperson Chat Suite is also available in an application service provider version for companies with their own agents, or as a full service with trained chat agents.
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Realperson® features


Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger requests can be handled just as easily as live chats and WhatsApp messages.
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Mobile messaging

Customer service from any location via mobile chat. Can be integrated into mobile apps.


Video chat

Emotive face-to-face customer communication via online video chat. Web-based with no downloads.


Screen sharing

Technology developed exclusively by optimise-it. Web-based with no downloads. Compatible with all browsers (desktop and mobile).
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Flyer chat

Place a chat channel on offline media such as posters, brochures, direct mail and invoices or in TV ads.


optimise-it chat lab

Customers share their positive product/brand experiences with other users.
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Peer2Peer chat

Customers share their positive product/brand experiences with other users.



Guide customers through your website’s online processes until they complete their purchase. Web-based with no downloads.



Chat user transfer to a downstream chat agent from another service team.



Full chat history forwarding to one or more email addresses. Ideal for lead management.



Automatic chat user connection to a downstream 2nd level call centre agent.

About optimise-it GmbH

optimise-it GmbH has spent more than 15 years developing highly dynamic enterprise-level chat and messaging platforms and released the first professional WhatsApp solution on the European market. The innovative WhatsApp service allows companies to implement efficient customer communication as part of their contact centre processes. The Hamburg firm’s chat services are used by leading industry giants such as AIDA, Eurowings, BASF, S.Oliver, VERIVOX and Holidaycheck.

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