Chat Lab

The combination of talent and technology for the intelligent and needs-based use of professional digital communication solutions


Our chat experts have many years of experience in sales and service chat projects

Pilot phase

Implementation of pilot phases until own structures are built up

Professional Communication

New processes for improving quality and performance are constantly being developedt

First hand expertise

Since 2002, optimise-it is one of the leading chat pioneers. Our recipe for success is based on the combination of talent and technology. In addition to the excellent and innovative live chat solution Realperson® Chat Suite we support our customers in the optional full-service model with experienced and performance-oriented chat agents.

Our chat agents are versatile, whether in permanent use for our customers or in pilot phases. They are all digital natives and shine through their many years of experience in sales and service chat. Through numerous trainings, they are constantly improving their performance and are more versatile than the agents of conventional call centers. Furthermore, they have a cross-industry knowledge, as well as many years of experience in dealing with new and existing customers. New processes for quality improvement and performance are continuously being developed or existing ones adapted.

Characteristics of our chat agents