Realperson® Video Chat

Personal and emotive customer communication through video chat

No barriers

Using our video chat service requires no downloads or plugins


Thanks to modern technology, all browsers are supported


Flexible control of text and video chat based on need and availability

Professional, interactive and straight forward with WebRTC

Thanks to the latest WebRTC technology, Realperson® Video Chat is supported by all modern browsers. A fallback version based on Flash Player is integrated for older browsers.

Application example: age and identity verification through video chat

  1. In a video chat, the customer looks into the camera and holds up their ID alongside.
  2. Based on appearance, the agent decides if this is the same person.
  3. The agent checks the authenticity of the ID document (security marks, holograms).
  4.  The agentchecks the customer’s age. If everything is in order, verification is successful and the agent marks the customer as verified.