Realperson® Screen Sharing

Lead your customers to the purchase actively!

Device independent

Whether it is a smartphone, tablet or PC

Barrier free

The customer does not need a Plug-In or download

Unlimited availability

Usable with all operating systems and browsers

With Realperson® screen sharing, the agent can share his screen with the customer. Screen sharing is available in combination with live chat or even stand alone as a supplement to a telephone consultation.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, neither downloads nor installations on the customer side are necessary, the module is compatible with all modern browsers!

Connect in just three steps

Step 1

Communication by telephone,
live chat or messenger

Step 2

Enter of Screensharing ID

Step 3

Start of Screen sharing session

Multi device sharing

What if the customer is on the smartphone while the screen sharing agent is using the desktop? No problem, because the Realperson® screen sharing is multi-device capable.

Telephone support

“Let me show you!” – Sometimes an explanation just needs visual support.

This can be done quickly and easily by screen sharing – even without previous live chat.