Realperson® Facebook Messenger Integration

The official Facebook interface to the Realperson® Chat Suite

Central processing

Central processing of Facebook Messenger messages in connection with live chat and WhatsApp chats

Ideal business solution

The social media team takes care of the Facebook page, the service team takes care of users’ requests

Contemporary user experience

The facebook messenger is a modern and popular communication channel, which you can offer to your customer

Easy management and answering of requests from the Facebook Messenger

The separation of customer information and communication is becoming increasingly blurred on social media channels such as Facebook. But within the organization, different teams are usually responsible for these tasks.

By integrating the Facebook Messenger into the Realperson® Chat Suite, the social media team can continue to manage the Facebook page and feed it with new content, while all requests via the Facebook Messenger are answered via the Realperson® Chat Suite as a communication platform. The contact center processes the requests as well as live chats from the website or messages from WhatsApp efficiently and promptly.