Conversational Ad

Increased conversion rate for PPC campaigns through direct interaction with the advertisement

New advertising format

Offer your customers a unique line of communication and combine advertising with conversation – chat lets you help users understand more complex products and features which need explanation

Integration with customer communication

Requests from ads, websites and messengers are grouped together and handled on one platform

Direct feedback

Feedback on different campaigns can be directly measured and processed for campaign optimisation – users can be converted to buyers or prospects directly through chat

What exactly is conversational advertising?

For years, users have taken less and less notice of advertising. Now they rarely react. The combination of advertising and dialogue breaks down barriers.

Conversations are, increasingly, the way that users navigate. A conversational ad offers direct communication with the user in an advertising format – a natural and more intensive way for users to communicate with brands about products.

For the first time, Brands have the opportunity to make classic online advertising interactive – The Web 2.0 finally arrives in advertising!

Instead of needing to impress customers with a landing page first, you can spur them into action right where they encounter the campaign. The path from banner to CTA is reduced, ensuring more success for your campaign.

Conversational advertising is an extension of conversational commerce. The customer no longer needs to visit your own website, but can interact with the company on a third-party site too.

For the first time, brands have the opportunity to make classic online advertisements interactive – web 2.0 has finally arrived in advertising!

Meet your customers where they are

Use the reach of high-traffic, audience-specific websites to your advantage.

Be whereyour competitors are not

Putting your chat on external websites gives you an innovative competitive advantage.

Combination with (micro-) chatbots

Use cases for bots include carrying out lead qualification for retargeting, collecting contact details, or conducting mini surveys.

Custom layouts for conversational ads

Your conversational ad is tailored entirely to your preferences and needs. The possibilities are (almost) endless!