Realperson® Co-Browsing

Mouse-event and click-event synchronisation between customer and agent

No downloadrequired

Seamless user experience and compatible with all current browsers

Secure connection

No possibility of third-party access to customer/agent computers


Sensitive data or fields can be anonymised for the agent


Support in the booking process

A customeris having problems setting up a booking. Because the agent sees exactly whatthe customer sees, they can better understand the problem.

Complicated forms

The customer can be guided through a complex form.

A customer is being guided through a complex form. The agent can help the customer to find and fill in the right fields.

But while the agent can assist the customer with filling in the fields, they can’t submit the form themselves. Control remains with the customer.

Customer support for online services

The customer is looking for a specific product, but can not find it himself in the navigation.

Co-browsing can be used in customer support for answering support requests or resolving problems. Processes are shown and discussed directly in the browser window.

Co-browsing can also be used to explain new features and processes right from the online tool.

Security and privacy at the fore