Realperson® Chatbot Operating System

Flexible integration and management of chatbots in your customer communication

Bot Integration

The open architecture of the Realperson® Chat Suite allows all bot engines to be integrated

Chatbot applications

Fully automated and semi-automated chatbot applications can be implemented


To analyze the success, comprehensive chatbot reporting is provided within the Realperson® Chat Suite

Extension of the customer communication channel through smart use of chatbots

A chatbot can take live chat to the next level and significantly increase customer satisfaction and contact center efficiency, including through support and pre-qualification.

In order to achieve these advantages, it has to be integrated into existing communication structures and controlled optimally.

With the Realperson® Chatbot Operating System, communication channels such as Website, Mobile, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are available to the bot. He is used as a virtual agent and controlled by the Chatbot Operating System. Its benefits can be specifically analysed with the reporting of the Realperson® Chat Suite.

One chatbot is not automatically equal to another

Chatbots with artificial, self-learning intelligence can be mapped to the Chatbot Operating System just like microbots. In addition to the handover to a human agent, “handing over” to another bot is also possible.

What is a fully automatic chatbot?

In a fully automated scenario, the chatbot is used as a self-sufficient virtual agent. If he reaches his limits in the conversation, he always has the opportunity to transfer the dialogue in defined handover scenarios to a human agent.

What is a partially automatic chatbot?

For more difficult use cases and sensitive customer relationships, semi-automated chatbots are used primarily. Humans and Chatbot cooperate to provide the customer with the best possible answer. The agent always has full control over the dialogue.

What is a microbot?

Depending on the use case, the use of microbots is also conceivable. Unlike an AI bot, a Microbot has less intelligence and does not learn on its own. Microbots are very versatile and especially suitable for smaller tasks, such as FAQs, the inclusion of contact data or for a pre-qualification expedient.