Social Login

Increase the efficiency of the live chat with Social Login

Lead Qualification

Qualification of the lead through clear identification of the user with social login

Traceable Customer Journey

The social login enables the customer journey to be traced across devices and channels

User Experience

Better and more native UX by simply logging in with one click

Increasing the effectiveness of live chat with social login

To further increase the effectiveness of live chat, there are various levers, e.g. about smart reporting and analysis of chat activities.

But even with additional modules such as social login, the efficiency and thus the ROI of the chat project can be maximised.

Day 1:
Start of the chat via tablet

24h later:
Continued via smartphone

One week later
Order via PC

Social Media Login

Advanced and cross-device tracking.

Social logins enable tracking across different devices – including the entry of financial statements in the ordering process.

The demographic and personal data from the social profiles can be used for targeting and personalisation in the shop.