Mobile Chat

Customer dialogue takes place wherever the customer is

Multimedia communication

Send photos, videos, links and voice messages


With Realperson® Chat Suite, transmitted data is processed in accordance with the EU GDPR at all times

User experience

Customers can contact you quickly and easily, and their issues are resolved in real time

Reach your customers wherever they are!

There are 57 million smartphone users in Germany as of 2018, and the number is rising (source: Statista). That’s about 70% of the German population.

Customers no longer wait until they’re at home to find out about a product and buy it, or to submit a support request to a provider. They want their issues dealt with as quickly and with as few barriers as possible.

A good user experience (UX) is created when customers can get in touch with companies without barriers or media discontinuity.

Realperson® Chat Suite is responsive and adapts to your customer’s device. Combined with the other channels on one platform, all chats are answered, managed and analysed centrally.

App Integration

Realperson® Mobile Chat integrates seamlessly with apps. Incorporating live communication into your app means that your customer doesn’t have to change apps to communicate with you.

In a shopping app, for example, product advice and conclusive handling of service requests can both be provided directly in the app.