Realperson® Chat Suite

What is the Realperson® Chat Suite and what makes it special?

Operating System for digital communication

The Realperson® Chat Suite is the innovative and flexible operating system for digital customer communications.

Multi channel communication

The Realperson® Chat Suite helps customers reach their customers through multiple channels at the same time.

Integration in communication mix

Modular APIs and interfaces allow consistent and privacy-compliant communication across all channels.

Realperson® Chat Suite is more than chat software. With optional modules, customised features and our expertise, it enables you to significantly increase your conversion rate, make customer communication more efficient, and reduce costs.

Every Realperson® installation is unique, just like every company’s use cases.


What customisable features are already included by default?


We offer a variety of services to make your chat project even more successful.


Find out more about the optional modules that can be tailored exactly to your use case!