Added service value: optimise costs & improve service with live chat!

Only customer satisfaction leads to long-term customer retention. Realperson® Chat Suite makes it possible to obtain qualitative feedback from customers via live chat while also reducing the cost per customer contact. The live chat suite from optimise-it is designed so that up to three service chats can be conducted at once. This increased productivity cuts average handling time and so reduces the costs incurred for a single customer contact in comparison with telephone and email.
Another major benefit of live chats is communication in real time. Questions can be answered exactly when they arise. This real-time communication significantly increases the first shot solution rate, with all crucial issues being
resolved during the very first contact. Our long-standing commitment to companies in the energy, retail, finance and telecommunications sectors shows that customers appreciate live chat as an innovative service and communication channel, and specifically ask for it.

Reduced cost per customer contact

Customer advisers usually need more time for a chat conversation than for a service call. Unlike telephone calls, however, a chat agent can handle up to three service requests simultaneously via live chat. This reduces costs by up to 40% compared to customer contact by telephone!

Positive reputation through live chat

A live chat with an adviser is often considered an innovative communication channel that potential customers do not expect. More than 80 percent of users advised via Realperson® Chat from optimise-it rate the service as positive.

Increased first shot solution rate

Unlike email correspondence, service requests via live chat can be handled in real time. This eliminates the time-consuming business of working through email histories. On average, service requests handled via Realperson® Chat from optimise-it have a 45 percent higher first shot solution rate.

About optimise-it GmbH

optimise-it GmbH has spent more than 15 years developing highly dynamic enterprise-level chat and messaging platforms and released the first professional WhatsApp solution on the European market. The innovative WhatsApp service allows companies to implement efficient customer communication as part of their contact centre processes. The Hamburg firm’s chat services are used by leading industry giants such as AIDA, Eurowings, BASF, S.Oliver, VERIVOX and Holidaycheck.

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