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optimise-it GmbH integrates Facebook Messenger into the Realperson® chat and messaging platform,
allowing Facebook requests to be handled just as easily as live chats and WhatsApp messages.

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Facebook messaging for the contact centre

New features are increasing the importance of Facebook Messenger for professional customer communication. optimise-it GmbH integrates Facebook Messenger into the Realperson® chat and messaging platform, allowing Facebook requests to be handled just as easily as live chats and WhatsApp messages.

Facebook users and page owners now have the ability to respond to comments via private message. Users can also communicate directly with companies that promote products and services in Facebook Ads. By taking this step, Facebook is continuing to follow the strategy of keeping users more and more within the social network – especially in the case of service requests and sales situations.

The messaging feature in the Facebook Like Box further supports this strategy. Users can already use the embedded Facebook Like Box in online shops to ask questions about products and services. Online shop responses are delivered centrally to the user’s Messenger inbox, which allows them to be read anywhere.
This significantly increases the potential volume of communication, meaning that the integration of social media into a communication strategy must be reassessed. Companies therefore face burgeoning pressure to position themselves in a way that addresses changes in the communication habits of their target audiences.

Insider blogs are beginning to evaluate the potential of the new messaging features:

“Since the Facebook messaging feature is being pushed so heavily, many users will now approach pages or companies with certain expectations in terms of communication. But this also means that companies must have the necessary resources and processes in place to be capable of answering messages not just quickly, but properly as well.” –

A similar development with WhatsApp Messenger was recognised early on by optimise-it GmbH, leading to the publication of the first professional WhatsApp solution for businesses. Integrating Facebook Messenger as a further communication channel is now a logical progression.

Facebook Messenger integrated into the optimise-it chat and messaging platform

With Realperson® Chat Suite, optimise-it GmbH offers an enterprise chat and messaging platform backed by more than 12 years of experience in the industry. Innovative channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, online chat and video chat are centrally managed through Realperson Chat Suite.
Companies need a solution for all social channels which allows them to cope efficiently with rising volumes. Assignment to the right social media, sales or service team is essential, as are availability control, boilerplates, categories, 2nd level transfers and comprehensive reporting.

optimise-it believes that traditional sales and service departments will move closer and closer to social media teams in future. Being able to provide the same information to customers across all channels is important to the customer experience. If it does become necessary to switch channels, however, it must be possible to do so seamlessly via the agent panel – with the conversation history included.

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About optimise-it GmbH

optimise-it GmbH has spent more than 15 years developing highly dynamic enterprise-level chat and messaging platforms and released the first professional WhatsApp solution on the European market. The innovative WhatsApp service allows companies to implement efficient customer communication as part of their contact centre processes. The Hamburg firm’s chat services are used by leading industry giants such as AIDA, Eurowings, BASF, S.Oliver, VERIVOX and Holidaycheck.

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