Realperson® Chatbot Operating System

The Realperson® Chat Suite chatbot operating system allows chatbots to be flexibly incorporated into customer communication

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Bot Integration

The open architecture of Realperson® Chat Suite makes it possible to integrate any bot engine.


Front-end and back-end bot processes are defined by your specific requirements. Fully automated and semi-automated chatbot applications can be implemented.

Bot Reporting

Comprehensive chatbot reporting is provided within Realperson® Chat Suite to analyse success.

Smart Chatbot Integration

Expanding the customer communication channel with smart chatbot use

A chatbot can take live chat to the next level, significantly increasing customer satisfaction and contact centre efficiency through support, pre-qualification and more.

To achieve these benefits, it needs to be incorporated into existing communication structures and optimally controlled.

With the Realperson® Chatbot Operating System, communication channels such as the website, mobile chat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are available to the bot. It is used as a virtual agent and controlled via the chatbot operating system. Its benefits can be systematically analysed with Realperson® Chat Suite reporting.

Optimum chatbot use

The open bot interface allows both fully automated and semi-automated responses.

In a fully automated scenario, the chatbot is used as a virtual agent. It can transfer the chat to a human agent at specific handover points if necessary or on request.

More complicated use cases for bots mostly involve the use of semi-automated replies, with human agents and chat bots working together to give customers the best possible response.

7 benefits of using a chatbot

The advantages of chatbot use are multiplied by its benefits at various points in the company.

Increased contact centre efficiency

Fast response times

Reduced workload for the service team

Automation of simple processes

Improved customer experience

High scalability

Seamless integration into the existing chat communication channel

About optimise-it GmbH

optimise-it GmbH has spent more than 15 years developing highly dynamic enterprise-level chat and messaging platforms and released the first professional WhatsApp solution on the European market. The innovative WhatsApp service allows companies to implement efficient customer communication as part of their contact centre processes. The Hamburg firm’s chat services are used by leading industry giants such as AIDA, Eurowings, BASF, S.Oliver, VERIVOX and Holidaycheck.

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