T’n’T – the dynamite combination for tomorrow’s dialogue marketing

Talent & technology – the dialogue marketing of the future

Only a few years ago, companies were investing a lot of energy in expanding self-service offerings for customers. “When a customer can help themselves, they help the company.” Certainly a statement that remains true today, but making the exclusive practice doesn’t always meet the customer’s needs. In a world where the flow of communication is fragmented and increasingly digital, efficient dialogue is coming to the fore and companies are giving their channels a more conversational focus, for example with context-sensitive web chat, video chat, messenger and call-back services.

The STRÖER Dialog Group is meeting this development, and the desire on the part of companies to make it as efficient a proposition as possible, with the approach of cleverly combining talent & technology. For the service provider, offering integrated solutions in the field of automation is the future of dialogue marketing. With the acquisition of optimise-it, one of the most flexible solutions on the European market, the STRÖER Dialog Group has at its disposal a full-service portfolio of talent & technology, both highly qualified customer advisers and a technically flexible chat suite with the option of full or partial automation. This enables all channels in customer communication to be modularly connected.

Automated real-time control determines when customer issues can be best and most efficiently addressed by bot or talent. There is no technical substitute for important qualities like empathy and the ability to identify needs. Then a trained agent is required, so in relevant situations the bot refers the customer to human experts with various dialogue options such as telephone, web chat or messenger. Bots also support agents’ work during person-to-person dialogue, providing real-time delivery of best practices evaluated with the help of big data and machine learning algorithms. Fully automated systems are used for administrative tasks such as address changes.

With this solution, lost information and poor customer experiences are a thing of the past. The talent & technology principle allows for faster response times, leading to better acceptance rates for chat channels and reduced service team workloads. Data transfer and a seamless flow of communication both ensure that the company maintains a tight customer focus. This makes it possible to quickly build a good relationship with the customer. The STRÖER Dialog Group’s coupling of talent & technology offers financial incentives, too: automation allows for greater potential efficiency improvements in the contact centre. At the end of the day, expertise and innovation generate the momentum needed to stand out significantly from the competition in dialogue marketing.

The STRÖER Dialog Group is part of the STRÖER Group and a specialist in dialogue marketing. Working in the telesales, telemarketing and field sales sectors, it develops all-in-one solutions from one end of the sales value chain to the other.

optimise-it GmbH has been part of the STRÖER Dialog Group since 2018.

Web: www.stroeer-dialog.de

This article was published in: CallCenterProfi, issue 05.2018, page 9

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