Screen sharing – The first multi-device solution on the market

Despite all efforts to make online processes as user-friendly as possible, dropout rates are far too high. The ultimate aid for guiding a website visitor through a particular online process is co-browsing via screen sharing.
However, screen sharing has previously involved a huge number of hurdles which have made these tools often almost unusable: required downloads, limited availability for Apple devices, compatibility problems depending on the browser used…
Now all that is a thing of the past! optimise-it GmbH – as a pioneer in the field of innovative chat solutions – has developed a smart solution for this problem and further extended its innovative lead: screen sharing lets online advisers show their screen to customers as the best way to guide them through the process. With visual highlighting including live communication through Realperson® Chat Suite, the customer is actively supported through to the end.

The newly developed screen sharing feature is the first solution on the market that guarantees cross-device functionality, requires no downloads by the customer and is iOS (Apple) to see how this process would look on your website? We would be happy to give you a brief online demo to show you how you could optimise your sales and service KPIs with our screen sharing solution.