optimise-it integrates Apple Business Chat

We are one of the first vendors in Germany to offer our customers the option of integrating Apple Business Chat into our Realperson® Chat Suite chat and messaging platform, providing them with another important channel for efficient, cross-channel consumer communication from now on.

Business Chat is based on Apple’s SMS alternative for iOS and macOS, iMessage, and gives companies the opportunity to get in touch with their customers directly via messenger – for example to deal with service issues, schedule appointments or send shipping information.

Apple launched Apple Business Chat for businesses in March 2018, at first only in the USA. Since October 2018, it has also been possible to send direct messages to companies in Germany. Apple has a market share of over 20 percent in Germany.

“With the new Apple Business Chat messenger integration on our platform, our customers have another option for creating seamless customer experiences and for centrally managing and evaluating customer dialogue across channel boundaries,” says our Managing Director, Wolfgang Reinhardt. “To ensure a seamless customer experience, transaction and customer dialogue are becoming more and more closely linked. Apple offers a very customer-friendly way to achieve this with Apple Business Chat and soon with the integrated payment feature Apple Pay as well. This makes it all the more important for companies to manage customer communication as an integral part of their sales activities.”

We at optimise-it offer integration solutions for the increasingly popular messenger services. An official Facebook Messenger interface for integration with the Realperson® Chat Suite communication platform has already been available since 2016, for example. By connecting further channels such as WhatsApp, InApp, web chat and mobile chat, customers have the opportunity to communicate with their customers over various channels while centrally managing and evaluating customer dialogue across channel boundaries.

Realperson® Chat Suite, developed by us in Hamburg and hosted in Germany, serves as an operating system for digital customer communication. The communication platform is individually tailored to the highly complex requirements of major brands using integrations with CRM and other third-party systems. Conversations between customers and companies are optimised for a better user experience and effective staffing. Media such as images and videos, along with chatbots and voice technology, can also be integrated into the flexible platform, managed and optimised.