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Improve service quality with real-time customer service

The focus of modern customer service is above all on direct proximity to the customer and the processing of service requests in real time. In order to serve the needs of their customers accordingly and to increase customer satisfaction, companies should therefore know and also be able to use the appropriate service channels for their target group. In concrete terms, this means offering up-to-date contact options such as live chat for customer service and quickly answering customer queries via the chat and offering a solution. Find out in the guide what constitutes good customer service and with which tools and solutions companies can improve the service quality for their customers.

What defines good customer service?

Before asking themselves how they can improve their service, companies should first ask themselves what the criteria for good customer service are and what defines good customer communication in general. It is also important to identify their own target group and know their requirements for good customer support.

The guiding principle “The customer is king” is still relevant in modern customer service. In addition to good customer service accessibility and uncomplicated contact options, most customers attach particular importance to friendly interaction and a transparent approach. When they contact the customer service department with a request, the person asking the question wants to know as quickly as possible how their request or problem is to be solved and what processing time they can expect. That is why a fast response time can now be regarded as the key to good customer service.

In terms of the question “What is good customer service”, this means for companies that the provision of suitable communication channels and a fast response time is crucial in order to provide good support to their customers. In addition to the expectations of the target group, good customer service naturally also depends on what is to be achieved with it. In addition to winning potential customers, which is directly related to increasing brand awareness and sales, it is also important for companies to retain long-term customers. To this end, personalization in customer service is also important in order to create a positive customer experience. Compared to a support request via a contact form or e-mail, direct customer contact via chat enables employees to offer the customer an individual solution to his request. This can not only increase customer satisfaction, but also help to retain customers in the long term.

Improve service quality with real-time customer care

In the age of WhatsApp and Facebook, customers increasingly find communication by email or phone cumbersome, which has led to a rethink in customer service and the expansion of additional service channels. One of the most promising ways of making contact in this context is customer communication via live chat. This is possible as a website chat service via the homepage, but can also be combined with WhatsApp or the Facebook Messenger. However, it is important to use this communication channel correctly for customer service and to offer customers a fast service. Similar to private messages, users expect their message to be processed quickly and easily when contacting them via Messenger. Although all requests made through the live chat software are collected around the clock, care should be taken when providing live chat to adjust service times accordingly. If the live chat is to be offered outside the service hours of the customer service department, a chat bot can be inserted in order to provide the customer with an initial solution.

Live chat & messaging

One solution to optimize customer service and exploit potential for improvement is the use of live chat in customer service. Customers can contact customer service easily and in real time via the website chat service on the homepage, where their request can be answered directly. Service staff can chat with the user and answer his questions and offer a solution to his problem directly via the chat. In addition, the customer is informed directly and transparently about how his request is being processed. For web shops, advice via the live chat is also a way of providing customers with the best possible support in their purchase decision. This promotes personal customer loyalty and enables service staff to provide individual advice and create a positive customer experience through personal contact. By integrating a live chat solution, features such as video chat, co-browsing or screen sharing can also be used. The use of video chat is especially helpful for consultation, but service requests can also be better handled through direct video contact. In order to advise customers on questions regarding ordering procedures or processes, the employee can intervene in a supportive manner via screen sharing or co-browsing and thus help the interested party quickly by taking over click paths – except for the completion of purchases. For example, 85% of the users who used the customer support via the Realperson® Chat Suite rated the service as positive. To improve their service and increase customer satisfaction, the use of live chat can be an appropriate solution for businesses.

WhatsApp as a service channel

Messaging via WhatsApp has become an integral part of everyday life for most people. Many companies have therefore already recognized that the Messenger service is a suitable service channel for expanding their customer service and interacting with their customers quickly, closely and in a targeted manner. With WhatsApp in customer service, the reluctance to contact a vendor or service provider with a support request can be significantly reduced. For many customers, offering only email or phone contact is too cumbersome, resulting in a lack of questions that can affect customer satisfaction. Companies that offer WhatsApp as a service channel can thus establish closer contact with their target group and have a lasting positive impact on both customer communication and the customer experience. The Messenger can be used to send not only text messages, but also pictures, videos and voice messages. This can be a clear advantage, especially in the case of more complex support requests, as problems can be presented in as clear and detailed a manner as possible, and subsequently a suitable solution can be offered more quickly. By integrating WhatsApp into a live chat solution, the chat history of every customer call is stored: This means that all customer service employees are at the same level of knowledge about what was last discussed with the customer.

Optimise customer service with a chatbot in the service

The use of live chat in customer service and the associated constant availability also increases the workload for customer service staff. In order to be able to answer support queries in real time and avoid long waiting times, it is therefore important to use automation potential in customer service. A good solution for relieving the workload of service staff is the use of chat offers in customer service. From many inquiries that reach the customer service department, frequently asked questions can be identified that can be answered with the help of an upstream chat bot, without the need for an employee to personally handle the inquiry. This saves valuable time, which can be used for more complex support queries. If the customer has a request beyond such a standard question, the conversation can also be taken over at any time by an employee who can offer a suitable solution directly in the chat.

In addition to these semi-automated chat bots, the use of AI chat bots can also be an enrichment for customer service. These chat bots are more complex to handle, as they have to be trained to be able to help customers on their own. When used correctly, however, they can be a great relief for service staff and are usually also able to deal with the customers’ concerns. In the case of more complex inquiries, it is also possible to hand over the conversation to a member of staff at any time.

The advantages of live chat for customer service at a glance

More than customer service: Live chat for customer support & consulting

The use of live chat goes far beyond pure customer service: Through direct communication in real time, service staff can also act as direct advisors to interested parties in web shops, for example, and actively support the purchasing process. If the customer has a question about the product, it can be answered directly in the chat. At the same time, recommendations can also be made or follow-up questions can be clarified directly in the chat window. If the customer feels well advised in this situation, the probability of having won a long-term and loyal customer increases with the positive customer experience. Good service can thus increase customer satisfaction and at the same time demonstrate customer proximity and competence, which is very important for customer service in order to retain customers in the long term.  In addition, even in times of digital communication, it is possible to have a personal and friendly conversation with the customer, which fulfils the desire for individual advice and at the same time strengthens customer loyalty.

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