Gigantic Reach – Facebook cracks 1 billion users

As announced by Facebook in the last week and reported by news outlets such as Internet World, Facebook Messenger has passed the magic mark of 1 billion users. With Facebook also hoping to establish Messenger as a means of communication between businesses and their customers, Facebook is set to become an integral part of digital customer communication.

Messenger in customer communication with Realperson Chat Suite®.
As an innovator in the field of digital customer communication, optimise-it GmbH offers Messenger integration into Realperson Chat Suite®. This allows you to employ Facebook Messenger in your contact centre, since all performance indicators are calculated as normal and displayed alongside those for established communication channels.

Exciting opportunities and development potential for your company.
Messenger is already used in professional communication to reach new audiences and to communicate in an efficient and modern way. There are impressive examples of sales support. Dutch airline KLM has even made it possible to book flights through Facebook Messenger.

A gimmick or the future? Don’t miss the next step!
For more inspiration or information on using Facebook Messenger, contact us and we would be happy to advise you. We think that the user numbers and the level of entrenchment in day-to-day communication speak for themselves. Facebook Messenger will play an important role in customer communication in the future – so why not work with us to find innovative and sustainable communication strategies for your company?