Ergo Direkt: Best online service in the insurance industry

“Questions about billing, information on products and services, a new offer – the companies where electronic communication works particularly well.” Together, DEUTSCHLAND TEST and Statista set to find the “best online service” in Germany. The winners have been decided and come as no surprise.

The test clearly shows which companies invest in digital and innovative communication channels and which ones have not quite reached the digital age as yet. The final test results comprised the following criteria: customer rating, scope of offering and service quality. 10 companies were investigated in each one of four industries: telecommunications, insurance, transport and banking. The determining factor in choosing these companies was their website traffic.

Online communities, service chats and social networks are important elements of the study; they reinforce the channels in which audiences are to be found today and what expectations must be met.

Deutsche Telekom (1st place), ERGO Direkt Versicherungen (2nd place) and Comdirect (3rd place) lead the overall ranking in the DEUTSCHLAND TEST survey. The first and second place companies in particular have attracted increased media attention recently for their new digital strategies, so it comes as no surprise that they lead the results of the study. Deutsche Telekom clearly scores points here for the success of its self-service community “Telekom hilft”. ERGO Direkt Versicherungen was the first insurance company to integrate WhatsApp as a new customer service channel. ERGO Direkt was also quick to use Skype, an online and mobile chat platform, and to provide face-to-face advice by video chat.