Conversational Commerce – Customer Communication 2017

What are the most important online touchpoints for your business? And how do you communicate with your customers there?

Considerably more than half of all internet users (64%) prefer mobile websites. And 3 out of 4 customers would much rather chat than make a telephone call!

The figures speak for themselves. But many companies have not yet drawn the necessary conclusions – even though they could secure themselves quick wins. How are things with your communication strategy?

The solution is conversational commerce.

What do we mean by this? On the conversational side, it is a matter of up-to-date communication with no major barriers, and the commerce side involves achieving measurable goals.
Online communication has few barriers and can take place casually and naturally. Customers are used to communicating via messenger, chat and the like as part of their everyday lives.
For you as a company, the challenge is to meet communication needs professionally, efficiently and productively – reach customers on their own level!
Live chat through Realperson® Chat Suite allows customers and providers to be directly connected with each other at a click. Customers are offered a positive shopping and service experience via web chat, mobile chat or Facebook Messenger. With our add2cart feature, for example, the chat and transaction are interwoven and the line between conversation and commerce is blurred.

Why not try it out? We have a demo ready for you here.