optimise-it launches new website

We are pleased to announce that our new website is now online!

With the tagline “take your customer communication to a new level”, it offers customers and prospects even more information about our product – Realperson® Chat Suite– as well as our live chat and digital customer communication services.

A lot has happened at optimise-it this year, from new products like the Microbot Framework or the Apple Business Chat integration, to revised and optimised features like our co-browsing module or our new and improved reporting functionality, and our acquisition by the Ströer Group… to list everythingwould take too long. But not all of the new developments can be “seen” directlyfrom the outside, so we wanted to reflect this new era with a modern design anda clearer, more structured website.

Our aim is to provide better information about Realperson® Chat Suite features and modules, and to offer our users a fresh new look and feel.

We are now looking forward to the last few weeks ahead of us in 2018 and are setting out to plan exciting new things for 2019! Stay tuned!

With Heart and mind – asambeauty is using the Realperson® Chat Suite by optimise-it

Cosmetics firm asambeauty, known for its first-class care and beauty products, has been using Realperson® Chat Suite since early November. In this way the family-owned Bavarian company hopes to provide its online shop customers with even better and more personalised advice.

“Advising customers is important to us, especially in our online shop, to make sure that each one receives the right product,” explains Mario Matkovic, Customer Care & CRM Team Lead at asambeauty. “In this respect, adding live chat is a logical and purposeful step in being able to offer our customers an even better service.”

Working with the optimise-it project team, requirements were defined first, and Realperson® Chat Suite was configured to the CI and specific needs of asambeauty. Then the Chat Lab agents received extensive training on asambeauty products so that they could deliver the best possible advice via live chat.

“During product training we were able to familiarise ourselves with asambeauty’s products and its philosophy,” says Laura Schnasse, Service Manager at optimise-it. “We were able to try out the products thoroughly and get to know them well. This allows us to give asambeauty customers the best possible support.”

The combination of technology, specialist knowledge and product enthusiasm is the ideal mix for increasing the conversion rate and customer satisfaction in the long term.

About asambeauty:

Online beauty platform asambeauty offers care products from the exclusive brands M. Asam, FLORA MARE, 4EverYoung, Le Parfumeur, ahuhu organic hair care, Youthlift and DMC. Under the tagline “You’re beautiful”, it has a range of premium care products available to suit all ages and needs. Effective, high-quality care products for people with the highest expectations – this is the standard for asambeauty’s care and cosmetics range. All products are made in Germany – from development in the in-house lab to production.

Web: www.asambeauty.com

optimise-it integrates Apple Business Chat

We are one of the first vendors in Germany to offer our customers the option of integrating Apple Business Chat into our Realperson® Chat Suite chat and messaging platform, providing them with another important channel for efficient, cross-channel consumer communication from now on.

Business Chat is based on Apple’s SMS alternative for iOS and macOS, iMessage, and gives companies the opportunity to get in touch with their customers directly via messenger – for example to deal with service issues, schedule appointments or send shipping information.

Apple launched Apple Business Chat for businesses in March 2018, at first only in the USA. Since October 2018, it has also been possible to send direct messages to companies in Germany. Apple has a market share of over 20 percent in Germany.

“With the new Apple Business Chat messenger integration on our platform, our customers have another option for creating seamless customer experiences and for centrally managing and evaluating customer dialogue across channel boundaries,” says our Managing Director, Wolfgang Reinhardt. “To ensure a seamless customer experience, transaction and customer dialogue are becoming more and more closely linked. Apple offers a very customer-friendly way to achieve this with Apple Business Chat and soon with the integrated payment feature Apple Pay as well. This makes it all the more important for companies to manage customer communication as an integral part of their sales activities.”

We at optimise-it offer integration solutions for the increasingly popular messenger services. An official Facebook Messenger interface for integration with the Realperson® Chat Suite communication platform has already been available since 2016, for example. By connecting further channels such as WhatsApp, InApp, web chat and mobile chat, customers have the opportunity to communicate with their customers over various channels while centrally managing and evaluating customer dialogue across channel boundaries.

Realperson® Chat Suite, developed by us in Hamburg and hosted in Germany, serves as an operating system for digital customer communication. The communication platform is individually tailored to the highly complex requirements of major brands using integrations with CRM and other third-party systems. Conversations between customers and companies are optimised for a better user experience and effective staffing. Media such as images and videos, along with chatbots and voice technology, can also be integrated into the flexible platform, managed and optimised.

T’n’T – the dynamite combination for tomorrow’s dialogue marketing

Talent & technology – the dialogue marketing of the future

Only a few years ago, companies were investing a lot of energy in expanding self-service offerings for customers. “When a customer can help themselves, they help the company.” Certainly a statement that remains true today, but making the exclusive practice doesn’t always meet the customer’s needs. In a world where the flow of communication is fragmented and increasingly digital, efficient dialogue is coming to the fore and companies are giving their channels a more conversational focus, for example with context-sensitive web chat, video chat, messenger and call-back services.

The STRÖER Dialog Group is meeting this development, and the desire on the part of companies to make it as efficient a proposition as possible, with the approach of cleverly combining talent & technology. For the service provider, offering integrated solutions in the field of automation is the future of dialogue marketing. With the acquisition of optimise-it, one of the most flexible solutions on the European market, the STRÖER Dialog Group has at its disposal a full-service portfolio of talent & technology, both highly qualified customer advisers and a technically flexible chat suite with the option of full or partial automation. This enables all channels in customer communication to be modularly connected.

Automated real-time control determines when customer issues can be best and most efficiently addressed by bot or talent. There is no technical substitute for important qualities like empathy and the ability to identify needs. Then a trained agent is required, so in relevant situations the bot refers the customer to human experts with various dialogue options such as telephone, web chat or messenger. Bots also support agents’ work during person-to-person dialogue, providing real-time delivery of best practices evaluated with the help of big data and machine learning algorithms. Fully automated systems are used for administrative tasks such as address changes.

With this solution, lost information and poor customer experiences are a thing of the past. The talent & technology principle allows for faster response times, leading to better acceptance rates for chat channels and reduced service team workloads. Data transfer and a seamless flow of communication both ensure that the company maintains a tight customer focus. This makes it possible to quickly build a good relationship with the customer. The STRÖER Dialog Group’s coupling of talent & technology offers financial incentives, too: automation allows for greater potential efficiency improvements in the contact centre. At the end of the day, expertise and innovation generate the momentum needed to stand out significantly from the competition in dialogue marketing.

The STRÖER Dialog Group is part of the STRÖER Group and a specialist in dialogue marketing. Working in the telesales, telemarketing and field sales sectors, it develops all-in-one solutions from one end of the sales value chain to the other.

optimise-it GmbH has been part of the STRÖER Dialog Group since 2018.

Web: www.stroeer-dialog.de

This article was published in: CallCenterProfi, issue 05.2018, page 9

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Realperson® 9.0 – the system’s next generation is ready to go

Equipped with many new features and innovations, the performance of Realperson® Chat Suite has been significantly enhanced, consolidating its leading position as a technically flexible enterprise chat platform.

As the latest generation of the system, Realperson® 9.0 offers our customers the following new features alongside many other developments and improvements:

Realperson® Reporting

Choose from preconfigured reports or create your own to measure chat performance and determine the right recommendations for action. The new reporting platform allows you to dive deeper into the data and find your own correlations directly in Realperson® Chat Suite. Reporting now includes new features relating to insight evaluation, data visualisation, dashboards, collaboration and data analysis.

Realperson® Microbot Framework

Realperson® 9.0 gives you the potential for rule-based customer communication within Realperson® Chat Suite. The now-available Realperson® Microbot Framework enables you to prequalify requests, initiate targeted routing or add customer information to chats by prompting for specific details.

Realperson® Data Warehouse

The Realperson® Data Warehouse is Realperson® Chat Suite’s central data layer. All data is aggregated in a structured manner and available for BI systems, exports and reporting. This enables you to add data generated in Realperson® Chat Suite to data you have collected yourself. The structure of the data warehouse allows for integration in Crystal Reports, Power BI, qlikview, Tableau and many more.

Realperson® Co-Browsing 2.0

Co-Browsing 2.0 brings with it a completely new technological framework for providing co-browsing services. All of the customer’s information is forwarded to the agent in real time, ensuring that the customer can be looked after in the best way possible during moments of intensive advice and guided through order processes.

The new co-browsing functionality can of course be used regardless of device, and does not restrict your customers with technical requirements.

Direct engagement

Increase chat targeting through the use of campaigns. The system can now store campaigns which open the chat window directly based on a specified URL parameter. This lets you position chat more strongly as a communication channel.

“The latest generation of the system represents a milestone in the development of Realperson® Chat Suite, and we are delighted to be making the new reporting platform available to our customers and offering them even more features,” says Adrian Hanrath, Head of Product Development at optimise-it.

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optimise-it strengthens the Ströer Dialog Group product portfolio with immediate effect

The Ströer Dialog Group, part of multi-channel media company Ströer, has expanded its dialogue marketing portfolio to include one of the most flexible chat solutions on the European market through the acquisition of optimise-it GmbH.

With many well-known customers, the Ströer Dialog Group works in the telesales, telemarketing and field sales sectors. They develop all-in-one solutions for their clients from one end of the customer journey to the other.

With the acquisition of optimise-it GmbH, the Ströer Dialog Group is reinforcing its goal to become the most customer-centric of media companies.

optimise-it at dmexco 2018!

On 12 and 13 September 2018, dmexco took place in Cologne. With over 40,000 visitors this is one of the top trade shows in the digital marketing sector.

optimise-it had an exhibitors’ stand once again this year. Thank you for visiting, and we’ll see you next year!

WhatsApp releases official business API

The new official WhatsApp Business API interface for large enterprises is now available, having been released on 1 August. WhatsApp and Facebook are now finally opening up avenues to professionalise the world’s largest and most important messaging channel. optimise-it welcomes the decision as many of our customers in a wide range of industries already use the wide-reaching messenger and its Realperson® Chat Suite integration together with optimise-it’s expertise.

The official interface opens up further opportunities and potential for optimisation with regard to using the messenger in customer communication. WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion users, making it the leading communication channel in today’s society. Take advantage of its enormous reach, boost your online sales and optimise your service processes.

We are excited about expanded capabilities for use in customer communication with the official WhatsApp Business solution.

Digital communication with your customers in light of the EU GDPR

Is it the calm before the storm – or a storm in a teacup?

Everyone in the field of digital customer communication – and we mean everyone – has their eyes on 25 May 2018, when the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force. This not only affects us, people involved with digital customer communication. It concerns anyone who collects, processes or stores personal data. But let’s stay on topic.

Live chat and messenger-based commerce are particularly effective tools when it comes to improving the user experience in the digital world. Whether it’s an insurance customer receiving (better) advice to help her take out the right policy, or an electricity supplier’s customer finally being able to submit his service request to the right place, typically more than 85% of all customers are happy or very happy. And so are the companies. The increased revenue from loyal and satisfied customers is a worthwhile result.

But what happens to the insurance customer’s bank details and the electricity customer’s address? This is where the EU GDPR comes in, with a considerably increased level of protection for personal data compared to previous legislation.

Protection often comes from sanctions. In this case, the liability limits for companies that breach the GDPR are also many times higher. Every managing director must and should ensure, for their own sake, that the requirements of the GDPR are met. This applies to implementation within their own company (often difficult enough), and of course also to implementation at its service providers and partners. It may be a little reassuring to know that liability law no longer provides the only grounds for their managing directors to have an interest in ensuring that data processing contracts are compliant; now they can also be prosecuted directly by regulatory bodies and the courts. But only a little. And so we have to wonder whether what we are currently hearing about the EU GDPR is the calm before the storm – or a storm in a teacup? What questions will be asked by the public, regulators or competitors?

The GDPR calls for the rigorous implementation of a number of procedural requirements, from privacy impact assessments to records of processing activities, for every company that processes data.

Creating and filing rough descriptions in a one-off exercise is by no means sufficient. The GDPR requires that actions are continually scrutinised, measures adjusted, and documentation updated.

In any event, it is certainly advisable to establish the best possible level of data protection. This includes “privacy by default”, or generally avoiding the storage of unnecessary data. And complementing it is “privacy by design”, which means working in a planned and controllable way to avoid storing personal data while at the same time using desirable practices to store the data that is needed to conduct your business properly and successfully.

At optimise-it, we have been developing our software by these principles for years. Each of our customers can configure a defined level of protection fortheir customers’ data, and by doing so, precisely adapt to the needs of their business. We are of course working with a legal firm that specialises inprivacy law, and with our data protection officer, to implement the requirements of the GDPR.

All measures are transparent and documented, and our professional staff are available for our customers to contact directly. We believe that in this way, we are making an integral contribution to our customers’ privacy management.

Sound good? It is. Why not talk to me about it!

Wolfgang Reinhardt, Managing Director
LinkedIn | XING | E-Mail

Screen sharing – The first multi-device solution on the market

Despite all efforts to make online processes as user-friendly as possible, dropout rates are far too high. The ultimate aid for guiding a website visitor through a particular online process is co-browsing via screen sharing.
However, screen sharing has previously involved a huge number of hurdles which have made these tools often almost unusable: required downloads, limited availability for Apple devices, compatibility problems depending on the browser used…
Now all that is a thing of the past! optimise-it GmbH – as a pioneer in the field of innovative chat solutions – has developed a smart solution for this problem and further extended its innovative lead: screen sharing lets online advisers show their screen to customers as the best way to guide them through the process. With visual highlighting including live communication through Realperson® Chat Suite, the customer is actively supported through to the end.

The newly developed screen sharing feature is the first solution on the market that guarantees cross-device functionality, requires no downloads by the customer and is iOS (Apple) to see how this process would look on your website? We would be happy to give you a brief online demo to show you how you could optimise your sales and service KPIs with our screen sharing solution.