Digital communication with your customers in light of the EU GDPR

Is it the calm before the storm – or a storm in a teacup?

Everyone in the field of digital customer communication – and we mean everyone – has their eyes on 25 May 2018, when the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force. This not only affects us, people involved with digital customer communication. It concerns anyone who collects, processes or stores personal data. But let’s stay on topic.

Live chat and messenger-based commerce are particularly effective tools when it comes to improving the user experience in the digital world. Whether it’s an insurance customer receiving (better) advice to help her take out the right policy, or an electricity supplier’s customer finally being able to submit his service request to the right place, typically more than 85% of all customers are happy or very happy. And so are the companies. The increased revenue from loyal and satisfied customers is a worthwhile result.

But what happens to the insurance customer’s bank details and the electricity customer’s address? This is where the EU GDPR comes in, with a considerably increased level of protection for personal data compared to previous legislation.

Protection often comes from sanctions. In this case, the liability limits for companies that breach the GDPR are also many times higher. Every managing director must and should ensure, for their own sake, that the requirements of the GDPR are met. This applies to implementation within their own company (often difficult enough), and of course also to implementation at its service providers and partners. It may be a little reassuring to know that liability law no longer provides the only grounds for their managing directors to have an interest in ensuring that data processing contracts are compliant; now they can also be prosecuted directly by regulatory bodies and the courts. But only a little. And so we have to wonder whether what we are currently hearing about the EU GDPR is the calm before the storm – or a storm in a teacup? What questions will be asked by the public, regulators or competitors?

The GDPR calls for the rigorous implementation of a number of procedural requirements, from privacy impact assessments to records of processing activities, for every company that processes data.

Creating and filing rough descriptions in a one-off exercise is by no means sufficient. The GDPR requires that actions are continually scrutinised, measures adjusted, and documentation updated.

In any event, it is certainly advisable to establish the best possible level of data protection. This includes “privacy by default”, or generally avoiding the storage of unnecessary data. And complementing it is “privacy by design”, which means working in a planned and controllable way to avoid storing personal data while at the same time using desirable practices to store the data that is needed to conduct your business properly and successfully.

At optimise-it, we have been developing our software by these principles for years. Each of our customers can configure a defined level of protection fortheir customers’ data, and by doing so, precisely adapt to the needs of their business. We are of course working with a legal firm that specialises inprivacy law, and with our data protection officer, to implement the requirements of the GDPR.

All measures are transparent and documented, and our professional staff are available for our customers to contact directly. We believe that in this way, we are making an integral contribution to our customers’ privacy management.

Sounds good? It is. Speak to us!

Conversational Commerce – Customer Communication 2017

What are the most important online touchpoints for your business? And how do you communicate with your customers there?

Considerably more than half of all internet users (64%) prefer mobile websites. And 3 out of 4 customers would much rather chat than make a telephone call!

The figures speak for themselves. But many companies have not yet drawn the necessary conclusions – even though they could secure themselves quick wins. How are things with your communication strategy?

The solution is conversational commerce.

What do we mean by this? On the conversational side, it is a matter of up-to-date communication with no major barriers, and the commerce side involves achieving measurable goals.
Online communication has few barriers and can take place casually and naturally. Customers are used to communicating via messenger, chat and the like as part of their everyday lives.
For you as a company, the challenge is to meet communication needs professionally, efficiently and productively – reach customers on their own level!
Live chat through Realperson® Chat Suite allows customers and providers to be directly connected with each other at a click. Customers are offered a positive shopping and service experience via web chat, mobile chat or Facebook Messenger. With our add2cart feature, for example, the chat and transaction are interwoven and the line between conversation and commerce is blurred.

Why not try it out? We have a demo ready for you here.

Facebook Marketplace – Online sales and customer service on facebook

The last few months have seen industry magazines and experts raising high expectations of a new Facebook product, and now “Facebook Marketplaces” has just been released. From now on, you can make your products and services available directly through the social network, reaching thousands of potential buyers. With this product, Facebook becomes a 360° platform for your online business and offers new opportunities for business at the end of 2016:

Communication + Sales (Marketplaces) + Service + Reporting

We would be happy to suggest how you can use “Facebook Marketplaces” for sales and service, put forward use cases for your company, and show you what downstream processes need to be considered.

Roller draws on optimise-it’s Live Chat experience

Furniture retailer Roller is using Realperson Chat Suite from optimise-it to extend its successful online service at The aim is to offer customers an enhanced shopping and brand experience by providing trusted, expert advice via live chat. With the new service, Roller is employing the latest elements of conversational commerce. The focus is on high quality advice and the high level of customer satisfaction brought with it.

Realperson Chat Suite supports the fast and hassle-free communication service so that customer requests can be answered across different channels and devices. A further benefit is the software’s scalability, allowing the chat service to be expanded to other markets or additional channels such as Facebook Messenger in future.

Customers expect a 15 min response time on facebook

This is the result of a representative survey commissioned by Facebook. It also emerged that mobile accessibility is important to increasing numbers of users, along with accessibility through the popular Messenger. This is a challenge for all companies and another reason to use a comprehensive chat solution like Realperson Chat Suite from optimise-it. Read more about the survey in this article.

Gigantic Reach – Facebook cracks 1 billion users

As announced by Facebook in the last week and reported by news outlets such as Internet World, Facebook Messenger has passed the magic mark of 1 billion users. With Facebook also hoping to establish Messenger as a means of communication between businesses and their customers, Facebook is set to become an integral part of digital customer communication.

Messenger in customer communication with Realperson Chat Suite®.
As an innovator in the field of digital customer communication, optimise-it GmbH offers Messenger integration into Realperson Chat Suite®. This allows you to employ Facebook Messenger in your contact centre, since all performance indicators are calculated as normal and displayed alongside those for established communication channels.

Exciting opportunities and development potential for your company.
Messenger is already used in professional communication to reach new audiences and to communicate in an efficient and modern way. There are impressive examples of sales support. Dutch airline KLM has even made it possible to book flights through Facebook Messenger.

A gimmick or the future? Don’t miss the next step!
For more inspiration or information on using Facebook Messenger, contact us and we would be happy to advise you. We think that the user numbers and the level of entrenchment in day-to-day communication speak for themselves. Facebook Messenger will play an important role in customer communication in the future – so why not work with us to find innovative and sustainable communication strategies for your company?

Facebook – Mobile Massaging Soon only available via messenger

In the near future, mobile messaging on Facebook will be through Messenger only. This means Facebook users will no longer be able to send and receive messages using the Facebook app, and must instead use the separate Messenger app. Now when a user wants to send a Facebook message on their smartphone, they will automatically be redirected from Facebook to the Messenger app. By taking this step, Facebook hopes to put itself on the same page as messenger giants like WhatsApp or Snapchat.

For companies, it means a complete switch from message features to chat. But this would be a definite advantage as Realperson Chat Suite’s official Facebook Messenger integration allows all chats via Messenger to be centrally managed and handled along with requests from online chat, mobile chat and video chat. We would be happy to provide you with a free demo.

Realperson Facebook chat app is approved


With its spin-off into a dedicated “Messenger” app, the Facebook messaging feature has been given the highest status on the social platform. Messenger is a key C2C and B2C communication module. For several weeks now, it has also been possible to send direct messages not only through the well-known Facebook Pages but also Facebook Ads, Facebook Comments and through integration into online processes on external websites (online shops). The extensive expansion of messaging features underscores Facebook’s increased co-alignment as a customer service platform. Now standing at 900+ million per month, the user figures also speak for themselves.

Automated responses à la concierge service assist companies in answering standard customer requests and increase the length of stay. With Realperson® Chat Suite, optimise-it provides a process that combines automated bot responses and personal specialist answers from service staff. There is no way around the fact that a personal adviser needs to be part of the communication when complex and customer-specific questions are involved.

The proprietary Realperson® Messenger app allows companies to reach their customers and new audiences without wastage, anywhere, on any device, and in real time. All customer requests are automatically pre-qualified and, depending on the issue, automatically answered or forwarded to the right employee. Customers who have made a purchase on the website or online shop receive continuous support through the Realperson® Messenger app.

Sebastian Dettweiler, Facebook’s marketing manager for the DACH region, is confident that there will be a huge rise in the importance of Facebook Messenger for professional customer service:

“I’m delighted that optimise-it GmbH has been quick to design and implement new use cases for Messenger, facilitating even better customer communication through Facebook for enterprises in particular. The volume of messages via Messenger is set to quadruple – so businesses should prepare for this as early as possible.”

Customers benefit from having an already familiar real-time communication channel through which they can submit queries and request additional order information at any time. By always being on hand, companies increase customer retention and satisfaction.

The Realperson Messenger app’s automatic pre-qualification ensures that the only requests forwarded to service staff are those which could not have been handled conclusively without personal involvement. This process guarantees maximum efficiency and reduces the workload for your service team, social media team or contact centre.
The Realperson Messenger app can also be enhanced with integration into CRM, helpdesk or knowledge management systems.

Skyscanner – Now with Facebook Messenger Service

Skyscanner now offers its customers advice via Facebook Messenger. The travel search engine has programmed a chatbot that asks questions to find out customers’ requirements and offers the cheapest flight. The bot is controlled by keywords and reacts to concrete location details to find out departure and destination airports. Users can also write “anywhere” and have the chat bot suggest various different travel destinations.

Realperson Chat Suite’s Facebook Messenger integration makes it possible to incorporate a chat bot that can handle the broadest customer issues. The Realperson Facebook solution has the advantage that it even allows a live chat to be started so that an employee can provide expert advice to resolve the matter. This might happen if special requirements are requested, or if questions are asked which the chat bot cannot answer.

Industriepreis 2016 – Accolade for Realperson Chat Suite

Every year, Huber Verlag für Neue Medien and Initiative Mittelstand give out “Industriepreis” awards to particularly innovative companies and products. Realperson Chat Suite was among the winners in the IT & software solutions category, making it one of the most innovative solutions and part of the “Best of 2016” list. optimise-it GmbH received the award due to the innovative nature of Realperson Chat Suite in conjunction with modules for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WebRTC video chat or co-browsing.

WhatsApp commits to Video Calling

A “video call” option has been built into the Android beta version of WhatsApp. Although only a test version with no functionality as yet, it does serve as an indication that WhatsApp now wants to add video calling in a future update.
This would bring it level with other messenger services like Facebook Messenger or Skype. WhatsApp is embracing customer service use more and more, and this will certainly attract companies such as banks or other firms where people like to speak with staff face-to-face.

Use Cases: Messaging Services for Marketing & Customer Service

“WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as a communication channel for businesses” – the idea has long been more than a wish for many firms. Every decision-maker naturally wants their customer service to be at the cutting-edge for their industry, and many companies rely on the great reach and mobile flexibility of these messengers to facilitate customer access to expert advice. These mobile communication methods particularly appeal to young audiences as, unlike telephone calls, there are no long queues involved and users can get their questions answered while they are out and about. The following pages show you what companies have already successfully integrated the two messengers into their customer service:

Facebook Messenger examples: click here