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Expertise since 2002

With more than 16 years of experience we are pioneers in the market for professional live chat services

Leading in Europe

The Realperson® Chat Suite is one of the leading chat solutions for wholesale customers in Europe

About us

We are one of the leading providers of live chat services in Europe. In addition to the classic sales and service text chat, we offer extensions such as video chat, screen sharing, Facebook Messenger or mobile chat. The solutions are maintained and optimized worldwide in accordance with the relevant data protection laws.

For more than 16 years, the in-house Realperson® Chat Suite has been constantly evolving. Leading industry players such as AIDA, BASF, S. Oliver, VERIVOX or ERGO Direkt rely on our expertise.

As a central performance and quality feature, we see our direct expertise in using the Realperson® Chat Suite through our in-house Chat Lab, which allows us to quickly and easily identify optimization potential and implement it for our customers.

At optimise-it you will not only get an individual live chat solution and trained chat agents, but also 16 years of experience from a variety of chat projects that will make your own project a success.

A little history

When optimise-it was founded in 2002, live chat was still in its infancy on corporate websites. But even then we have seen the necessity to offer this form of customer communication in accordance with data protection.

Since then, we have continued to evolve our product, the Realperson® Chat Suite, driving innovation, and working with our clients on successful live chat projects.

Here is a little overview of our history

2002: optimise-it is founded
  • 2007

    First setup of the Realperson® Chat Suite

  • 2008

    Moving from Hamburg Altona to Hamburg Harburg

  • 2012

    First-time implementation of Chat2Phone

  • 2013

    First video chat (With Flash at that time)

  • 2014

    Introduction of Co-Browsing

    Moving in to our current location in channel tower Harburg

  • 2015

    Complete revision of the video chat via WebRTC, introduction of Dynamic Data Masking

    First time usage of social chat

  • 2016

    Partnership and first integration of SABIO

    New System generation: Realperson® 8.5

    Introduction of WhatsApp for Business

    Introduction of the official facebook interface for the integration of the Facebook Messenger

  • 2017

    New screen sharing technology

    First bot projects with the Open Bot Interface

  • 2018

    WCAG Compliance

    Extension of the Open Bot Interface to the Realperson® Chatbot Operating System

    The “Ströer Dialog Gruppe” is the new owner of optimise-it

    Revision of the Realperson core: The new Data Warehouse and reporting

    New system generation: Realperson® 9.0 (with Microbot Framework and new Co-Browsing technology)

    Integration of the Apple Business Chat into the Realperson® Chat Suite

  • 2019

    Opening of the additional location in Hamburgs Speicherstadt

    Introduction of the Conversational Ad in collaboration with Ströer Digital

    Launch of the Microbot Framework

… the next innovations are already in the pipeline!