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Realperson® Chat Suite is the innovative and flexible operating system for digital customer communication.

The optimal chat software for your company

In the course of constant digitalisation, the way we interact and communicate has changed constantly. The communication landscape between companies and customers has also evolved through new communication channels. By implementing live chat software on our own homepage, we can take an important step towards future-proof customer communication. The live chat enables uncomplicated customer interaction and fast consultation, which increases customer satisfaction and allows long-term customer relationships to develop from real-time chats.

Chat solution with individual features

An intelligent chat solution should be adapted in many ways to the needs of the company and the circumstances of the respective use case. As a professional live-chat provider we provide you with the Realperson® Chat Suite, the ideal tool for successful customer communication. Thanks to the flexible features of the live chat software, we offer you numerous possibilities for individualization.

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Our services for you

We support you on your way to a modern, digital customer communication and develop together with you a chat solution especially for your company. As a live chat software provider, it is important to us to ensure maximum success for you. Therefore, our experts are always available for you and your employees with advice and support. For example, we offer operational support and personalized training for the continuous optimization of your chat project. Please feel free to contact us!

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Customized live chat software with flexible modules

New technologies lead to increasingly diverse communication and more demanding customers. With the optional modules of the Realperson® Chat Suite, you gain flexibility and sustainability and offer your customers a unique user experience by opening a new communication channel. Thanks to the customizable operating system of the live chat software, you can actively participate in shaping your product profile and flexibly book required tools such as co-browsing, video and text chat or screen sharing.

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Live chat software for special use cases

The integration of live chat support software can not only help a company to modernize customer communication: From streamlining activities and increasing productivity to better customer retention and lead generation, there are many use cases where using live chats or chat offers can make sense for your business and improve various KPIs. We would be happy to actively support you in defining your individual use case in order to provide you with a customized live chat solution.

When is it particularly useful for companies to use live chat software?

Nowadays there is no industry that can do without digital customer contact. Therefore, the integration of a live chat software for companies across industries makes sense to be able to address website visitors in real time. The option of interacting quickly and easily with an employee is often and gladly taken up by users. In addition, live chats also offer many advantages for providers of complex, high-priced products or products requiring explanation. In these cases, the user is more likely to start an request in the familiar and harmless environment of a text chat than to actively pick up the phone and call customer service. For this reason, the integration of a chat software for the homepage is also becoming increasingly popular with B2B companies.

This is what our customers say

We as provider of live chat software are proud to support our customers in developing, integrating and optimizing a live chat solution with chatbot. Leading industry players such as Eurowings, ARAG, ERGO, 1&1 Ionos or BASF already rely on an additional communication channel for digital communication and interaction with their customers.


Live chat as a modern communication channel

The digital age has created fundamental changes in the field of communication channels for companies. Today, customers prefer to choose how, when and where they want to get in touch with a company or retailer. In order to react to this development as a company, the integration of a live chat software on the website is an ideal solution. After successful integration, visitors to your website can activate the live chat by simply clicking on the chat icon and ask questions. More and more platforms are also using a chat bot to be always available in the digital channels of their customers and to be able to react as quickly as possible. If the bot is programmed with artificial intelligence and takes over a part of the customer service, it is called a “Conversational User Interface”. By using a live chat, customer satisfaction and user experience can be improved, as the intelligent systems increase the first resolution rate. A live chat on all interfaces and channels is therefore a guarantee for satisfied customers and increasing company efficiency.

Advantages of a live chat software for your business

For companies, a successfully implemented live chat support software offers numerous advantages. In addition to increasing the conversion rate and improving customer loyalty, these include uncomplicated maintenance and expansion of customer relationships. In addition, you provide your employees with great support through the live chat. Thus, the implementation will reduce the workload of the three divisions Sales, Marketing and Customer Service in particular.

Take a look at the most important advantages of our live chat software at a glance:

  • Real-time customer contact
  • No delays: Fast support and assistance
  • Multiple conversations simultaneously possible
  • Modern and contemporary communication channel
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Increase in conversions and sales
  • Additional reduction of the workload of your employees through intelligent chatbot

Proactive live chat for effective customer communication

It is possible that website visitors are actively prompted by the chat bot to start the chat if an agent is currently available. In this way, significantly more potential customers can be reached and the live chat also helps the sales staff.

Fast communication through intelligent text modules

Frequently used statements and phrases, such as “Hello, how can I help you” or “Thank you very much” can be saved as frequently used text modules in the form of buttons in the user interface. In this way, the agent can react to the user’s input with a single click. This has the great advantage that the communication with the website visitor can be even faster.

Saved chat logs & meaningful user ratings

All chat protocols, dialogues and transcripts can be saved and assigned to the respective user in the CRM. With this option, employees can further improve customer relations through a more targeted customer approach and better customer understanding. After ending the chat, the visitor also has the opportunity to rate the chat support. These user ratings can then be viewed in the Realperson® Data Warehouse and are available for comprehensive reporting. Thus, a lot of meaningful information can be viewed, which helps you to constantly improve and develop your own customer service.

Questions about our chat software

Does the live chat software also work on mobile devices?

Since our live chat software is a web-based chat solution with responsive technology, it can be used on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The chat can also be integrated into your app (iOS or Android).

What existing channels is the chat software compatible with?

It is also possible to integrate the live chat software into existing channels like WhatsApp or Facebook. In this way, all requests from Messenger apps end up on a central platform and can thus be processed efficiently and promptly via a browser-based interface.

How is the software implemented?

The implementation of the chat software for your homepage requires minimal IT effort. You only have to integrate the software via JavaScript using tag management, CMS or directly into the source code and you can start chatting with your customers.

Does the live chat software guarantee data protection and GDPR compliance?

Data compliant is fortunately important in companies today – and so at optimise-it. Accordingly, our live chat software is 100% EU-GDPR-compliant and meets the maximum data protection requirements of a live chat.

Is the live chat software only available in English or German?

Our live chat software is available in all common languages as long as the font of the corresponding language is written from left to right.

optimise-it: Your reliable, professional live chat software provider

optimise-it GmbH is one of the leading live chat software providers in Europe. The core of our digital communication concepts are sales, HR and service spanning SaaS products as well as tailored solutions for video and text chat, co-browsing, screen sharing, mobile messaging and chatbot integration.

Our Realperson® Chat Suite is fully customizable with a variety of features and modules to meet the individual needs of your business. We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities and the best possible integration of a chat software for your online platforms. Inform yourself now and benefit from the following advantages:

  • Competent consulting
  • Comprehensive service
  • Professionally prepared service
  • Request a non-binding trial version

We would be happy to advise you about the possibilities and the best possible integration of live chat into your online platforms. Find out now and benefit from the advantages for your company!